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One of the toughest things about being a personal trainer is finding the right facility or gym to run your business. Here at Next Level Strength and Fitness we know the struggle is real! We know because we have been there. 

We set out to start a gym that works with trainers in way that allows them really flourish and build their own brand. By renting our gym space trainers have access to a clean, private, and well equipped environment to focus on what they do best, train their clients. Personal training is all about helping others achieve their dreams. We just want to help personal trainers achieve theirs.


Gym Rental Prices

See for yourself why Next Level Strength and Fitness is the most trainer friendly gym in Cache Valley!

We offer a number of packages at affordable rates that are tailored to your specific needs. Decide your own rates and schedule for your clients. See the price list below and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 

You have 60 days from your purchase to use your hours before repurchasing. Hours do not roll over.

10-39 Hours

$17.50 per hour

This plan is perfect for trainers who have a smaller client list or are looking to build their business. Purchase anywhere from 10-39 hours and use our space to grow.

40-79 Hours

$16.00 per hour

This is a great plan if you have a medium sized client base and are looking to increase your earning potential. Avoid crowds and gym fees.

80+ Hours

$15.00 per hour

This is the best plan if you have a well established client list and need the space to make your business more effective and profitable. Save money by reserving over 80 hours or paying a monthly rental price.


Trainer Requirements

  1. Trainers are required to have $1 million liability insurance coverage with the Next Level Strength and Fitness listed as an "additional insured." 

  2. CPR & First Aid certification.

  3. Personal training certification.


Get Started Now

Send us a message to schedule a tour, set up a free trial, or purchase your hours. We look forward to helping you grow!


How it Works

Step 1

Contact us via phone, email, Facebook or Instagram

Step 2

Schedule a tour or trial

Step 3

Buy your hours

Step 4

Book your hours

Step 5

Train your clients and repeat steps 3-4


Book Your Time

Once you have contacted us and purchased your hours we will email you a link to book the time slots you need.

Or use this nifty calendar!

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