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Jad Alame Powerlifting Logan Utah

Jad Alame

-Powerlifting Pro

Jad Alame has an extensive background in strength training/powerlifting. He has been strength training for 14 years and has been a competitive powerlifter for about 4 years. He’s earned an international elite total, has won overall lifter in many competitions, and is currently training for one of the largest powerlifting meets in the world: The Showdown 2021. Jad is extremely passionate about powerlifting and is always looking for ways to grow and give back to the sport. He’s very knowledgeable and is great at executing the lifts in a proper manner. Jad would be more than happy to help you attain your strength goals.

$100 Monthly


  • That includes customized program designed for you and your goals

  • Meet with Jad once a week (for local lifters)

  •  24/7 communication 

  • Personalized video review of lifting technique with feedback

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Patrick Carver

-Owner & Manager

I was tired of training in overly crowded gyms, so I made my own. My goal in creating Next Level Strength and Fitness is to have a local area that better meets the needs of serious weightlifters and those focused on improving their technique or increasing gains. I wanted to create a facility that caters to all athletes from powerlifters to high school athletes. A place where people get better every time they walk in. I have a B.S. in Exercise Science from Utah State University and a USA Weightlifting Level One Certification. I specialize in strength training. I especially enjoy coaching strength competition athletes and high school athletes.  I have experience in training anyone from couples to D-1 athletes.


Single - Monthly

$225 - Per Month

If you are taking your powerlifting journey solo, this plan is for you! Meet with our trainers to establish goals you have as well as your availability. This allows us to build a custom training program designed specifically for you. This creates a one-on-one training experience that allows you to work on form, technique, and strength with one of our qualified strength coaches.

Couples - Monthly

$395 - Per Month

The couple that lifts together, stays together! This plan is built for couples that want to compete in powerlifting. Meet with our trainers to establish individual goals for personal programs but you will workout at the same time to promote a competitive atmosphere that will push you and your partner.

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I've been working with Jad for just over three months now and it's been an awesome experience! I have made more progress in this short time working with Jad than I have made in the past few years that I was training without any coaching. He is extremely encouraging and knowledgeable and is always more than happy to share that knowledge and help make you a better lifter!

The location is excellent and the gym is great! Pat is an excellent personal trainer too. I'd been working with him even before he opened his gym and my fitness progress skyrocketed with his help and advice!

Josh J.

Pat is the best trainer I have ever had, he knows what he is doing & it shows. Such a great quality gym & and a good atmosphere. love working out here & would recommend it to everyone!!

Kelsea C.