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Student Athletes

Get ready for tryouts with advanced strength training as well as conditioning that can be customized to any sport and any season. Take advantage of the off season like never before with Next Level Strength and Fitness and get a leg up on the competition.


Pick the plan that works best with your schedule and budget.

 $75 - Per Athlete


Offers athletes 4 sessions a month. Sessions take place once a week to allow for plenty of rest in between workouts.

$100 - Per Athlete


Offers athletes 8 sessions a month. With 2 sessions a week your athlete can see even more improvement and growth.

$750 - Per Team


The Team Conditioning program allows our trainers to provide once a-week conditioning for any organized team with up to 15 athletes.

Customized Workouts

Our trainers will create each workout to focus on your sport of choice. Next Level Strength and Fitness focuses on more than just the skills side of competition. Give your student athlete the edge by honing in on the muscle groups and conditioning needed to take their game to the next level. You can believe us when we say, the "off" season will never be the same again!

Next level student athlete group sled wo
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Solo or Group Training

Our facilities allow for group training sessions as well! Invite friends and teammates for a fun and challenging group fitness experience that focuses on competition while improving individually. Next Level Strength and Fitness is here to help your student athletes find enjoyment in establishing lifelong fitness habits while reaching their athletic and fitness goals.

Team Conditioning

Next Level Strength and Conditioning offers a great new way to get your team in shape and ready for the season. Our trainers will attend your weekly practices to run your team through a series of conditioning drills that are catered your specific sport. Give your team the edge this year with team conditioning from Next Level Strength and Fitness.


Patrick has been fantastic to work with. He has been training our son for several months and his strength, agility, and speed have all improved significantly. Patrick is easy to communicate with and the kids love working with him.

Patrick and Jamie were great with both of my kids. My children went 4 days a week. They loved going and looked forward to the workouts. They both have been physically ready for their Fall sports. My son was able to slim down and not be a X-head for football. That was his goal when we started this journey.

Julie B.

Tausha S.

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